Writing Secret for The Woman Who Is Not Done Yet

color healing inspiration retirement your mom Apr 19, 2023

Retired or Retirement hopeful? Writing Secrets for Moms or

Your Secret Planning Scheme.


Listen. At any given time, there is a woman out there with as much life behind as ahead of her now. She has Wisdom to share and stories to tell. She may be looking at retirement; she may need to leave a soul-depleting job. She could be recovering from or suffering a life-shaking shock or a personal loss. Overwhelm may have muted the beautiful potential writer inside her.

Do you know someone like that? It's time for a few self-healing secrets for these women who want to write!

In my years as a published author, broadcasting and marketing guru, and teacher, I discovered a subtle yet, powerful piece of the writing puzzle. It snaps into place the moment a woman realizes that not only can she contemplate and describe where she has been, but she can create where she is going just as surely! 

Here is just one of the secrets of writing you can share!

Assure her that ANYONE can step into the shoes of a writer. She can begin a healing journey at any time and for any reason. Suggest that she start at the beginning with a subject matter with which she is already intimately familiar- HERSELF!

For some of us, it is a long road from settling for "the way things seem to be" to soul-designing how you want to live your life in the days ahead. Self-limiting beliefs play a part in that movie, it twists and turns, and we get lost, off track, and neglect that which we long for most, yet there is always a pathway through!


Make a list of everything that is bugging you.

(I’ll wait.)

(Yes, you can include old wounds that keep showing up in your thoughts or as patterns in your life.)

(Waiting for those to surface.)

Breathe in, breathe out. Well done!


  1. Begin at the end of your list, looking backward (up the list) through all of your written words. Reading backward helps you “see” more effectively.
  2. Using a pen or pencil, draw a circle around all of the words that catch your eye or that “tug” at your body (heart, for example).
  3. With a different colored pen or pencil, draw a rectangle around only three words from your circled words list.
  4. Now, use those three words to write a short, made-up story. Write non-stop for 7 minutes.
  5. Keep doing that process with a different-color pen until you have written 7-minute stories with ALL of your circled words, and you will have given voice to your Inner Writer! You will have creatively increased the vibration (the good-feeling energy) of your emotions and the cells in your body!
  6. FINALLY: Breathe in a clean, fresh breath of air and know, "There is ALWAYS more than what you SEEM to see!"

Mahalo and Much Aloha! xxJudy 

PS- Wanna learn more secrets? Join us in a writing group! Here is one of the beautiful pathways to ignite your writing and ignite your life- OPEN STUDIO