When I finally sat down to write the book my soul wanted to write, gulp, there was no lesson plan, no protocol for that! 


So I want you to feel secure and confident, even though you might imagine authorship is fraught with gremlins and pitfalls.


My heart especially goes out to Soulmate Clients, dedicated, caring teachers, and intuitive practitioners when you ask:

  • "How will I know what I can write?"

  • "Where should I start?"

  • "How will I find time to write while teaching, seeing clients, and doing all I do?"

  • "This is what I have written so far; it seems so ordinary; is it even any good?"


That's all good news, I say.


[You look at me quizzically.]


You know what you know. You're successful, even brilliant. And you're stifled by overwork, credential updates, and maybe even systemic oppression, just some of the sources of your self-doubt.



Well, I can't wait for the day you see what I know to be true: Your possibilities are unlimited because you are YOU!


So I ask you to start right now– this minute even; "write something, a heart-felt complaint, anything!"

Because here's another thing I know, With pure intention, your first few words will connect your heart with a future reader!

Once you make that soul connection, you've cracked their code.

Then all you need is to take action. What gifts will you bring through you for your soulmate readers? What transformation will THEY bring into the world? 


While still teaching, I struggled through my (nightmare) first book alone. That's why I'm here to help you understand how to use your gifts to build another legacy beyond teaching, clients, and all doubt!

I'll help you "snowball" your gifts and stories into a fresh, clean flow. Your training, talents, and natural ability to tell stories will find a voracious audience of readers who hunger for your words, thoughts, wisdom, and experience!






Poetry of Days- The Author's Cut and

Co-authored the Bestseller: 365 Moments of Grace.

Coming in the Spring of 2023, "Queen Bee!" Transformational Stories of Magical Successful Women

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 "I loved the experience of taking your quiz. I never thought of who I am as being a gift." 

Nadia Shana Krauss, Bestselling Author

"Judy was the one who expressed my most precious gift for the very first time when I took her writer's gift quiz...I took the quiz and got the Author-style True-Heart Teacher.

And she went on to describe me, and that was the first time someone described me as a Gift!

I loved the experience of taking the quiz, and I love calling myself a True-Heart Teacher now."

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Terry Gross, NPR

FANTASY FAQ Interview with Judy McNutt, 

Soul Activist and Holistic Book Coach 

 Q. I'm just curious; you come from a radio background; how did you get from radio performance, management, and marketing to mentoring teachers and practitioners to write the book on their bucket list?


A. That's just what the Marketing One-Sheet says. "Radio." The real question is, how did I tame my multi-passionate universe to help me focus on book coaching? The honest answer is the souls of change-makers themselves called me in to help them write their books. We both have wanted the same thing all our lives- a better life experience in a better world! 



Q. OK, why do you work exclusively with teachers and intuitive practitioners?


A. I grok* this specific family of change-makers because I taught Special Needs Kiddos for 16 years, and I've been in business online, at least part-time, even before I retired from The District. When you're a public school teacher (my second-wave career), you have to do something to make ends meet!

* to grok is to understand (something) intuitively or by empathy.



Q. Woah! When did "public school teaching" get in the mix?


A. After radio burnout, before Covid. I retired from formal teaching and published a book of poetry and art. That gave me first-hand preparation for participating in an Amazon Bestseller, which got me interviews, which brought women wanting help with their books to my gate.



Q. But how did that get you to where you are now?


A. Well, based on my life experiences and awakenings, I started sorting to find a better way to help these women write their books and get them ready to go to the publisher.


Q. Then came the quantum leap to working with busy women to write a book on top of everything else they're doing?


A. Yes. Besides "lunatic time management" and "where do I start?" a surprising disconnect for vibrant, successful women is fear and doubt that they could ever be a "WRITER writer." 



Q. I've heard that 97% of the people who started writing never finished their book. What can writers do differently, and how do you help differently?


A. Yes. The majority of people who start a book don't finish it. Emotions kick in when you overtax your brain, and your infant manuscript slips silently into a drawer beside a dusty vibrator. [Terry laughs] 

Listen, it's obvious they have gifts to share, so we wake up all senses, connections, and energies, as well as the dark and hidden gifts, to write bite-sized stories for a segment to save for the book.

Finally, they start using these and other holistic writing techniques to complete the book that brings their heart and soul into contact with readers already searching for precisely what they offer.

This concludes my interview with Holistic Writing Coach and Mentor Judy McNutt. Judy may be a nut, but she works with teachers and intuitive practitioners who see a book as another way to make a difference in the world.

  • I'm Terry Gross, and this is Fresh Air.

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