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Colleen McCann, Energy Healing with Colleen

Talking about why she loved working with Judy McNutt to write SENSITIVE to BADASS- An Empath's Guide to a Magic-filled Life

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Welcome to a space where founders find the clarity they need to unlock their book and scale their impact in the community. I'm known in the inner circles as "The Book Build Shortcut Queen," a title I've earned through a lifetime of careers optimizing every endeavor for peak efficiency, from saving time and money to maximizing results.


My journey into high-stakes marketing began post-college, where I honed my craft in mass media, driving stellar outcomes and generating millions for leading media conglomerates. The dynamic world of live radio, with its relentless pursuit of efficiency, was my arena, teaching me the art of leveraging shortcuts to achieve excellence.


Transitioning into education, my passion for results found a new expression. As a public school teacher, I harnessed my innate ability to meet students precisely where they stood, facilitating growth and learning with a personalized touch.


Upon retiring, I focused on empowering writers within my community, guiding them to harness their unique strengths and bring their visions to life. My journey as an artist and poet, culminating in achieving my dream of becoming a published author within just a year, is a testament to the power of decisive action and unwavering commitment.


Today, I stand with you at the crossroads of creativity and entrepreneurship. We're dedicated to catalyzing change by empowering visionary founders and manifesting your ideas into reality.


With my proprietary system, I've guided countless members to tap into their Intuitive Genius, enabling them to articulate their transformative ideas confidently and joyfully. This trademarked book-building process is tailored to you and designed to fast-track your unique insights from concept to print.


Join me in this venture, where my strategic prowess will refine and ignite all of your expertise. Together, we'll create not just a book but a legacy.

My trademarked book-build process is 100% Customized to shortcut your manuscript.

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I’ve seen a transformation in every aspect of my life. Thank you, Judy!

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Judy showed me it was OK to be me and taught me how to find myself writing.

Rebecca Waters

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