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Your imagination turns to a page between the covers of the book in you,



(Why is there always a "but?")

You still don't know how to let it out.

You'll feel sad if you never do.

"I'm not a writer," you say and fearing failure, you never start.



This is where I beam in, with a free guide!

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Now you imagine the benefits of authoring a book.


And MAYBE, just maybe, you’d like: 


To connect with readers who feel like soulmates and

Create a story flow that clarifies your message and purpose

With a book that satisfies your soul!


That’s what my soulmate clients like Sheila have done…

 Meet Author Sheila Van Zile

"This is me, over the moon the day my book arrived!"

"If you want to write a book, I suggest you take Judy's quiz and enroll in one of her writing groups as soon as possible.

With Judy's guidance and uncanny inspiration, I drafted and clarified my book's message and purpose. Although I was still managing my insurance business, I finished writing my book in under a year."

Sheila is the author of My Waterfall of Awakening- How loss can bring you home to the life you want. (on


I'm your magic fairy godmother,

I mean Holistic Book Coach.

"After my arduous journey into authorship, I vowed to help other transformational women to use their gifts, training, and instinct to build the book of their dreams.

So we partner together to put their transformational content and soul stories into the hands of soulmate readers."




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When you imagine writing a book someday, it can feel like you’ve been asked to eat an elephant!


That’s why we start with two ways to get guidance:

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"Judy is the nut that makes The Writing Groups fun, easy, and productive."

"She gets me through the rough patches. Honestly, I wouldn't even be writing my book if I hadn't taken her quiz and written "some little stories for my family," in her writing group. The group opened my eyes and heart to more possibilities."

 –Yvonne Andes, California Wine Country

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"Judy inspired me to start & FINISH my  first book on social marketing." 

"So I developed a unique way to help readers decide what is essential for a luscious life and business. 

I'm already writing my soul-inspired transformational book with her!" 

–Sally Hendrick, author of "Know Me, Like Me, Trust Me."

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