Is Your Business An Awakening?

clever catalyst conscious creator entrepreneur pleasure-magnet true-heart visioneer Feb 09, 2024

At 3:00 a.m., your business, especially entrepreneurship, propels you almost irrationally forward, leaving you puzzled, perplexed, and even frustrated that you abandoned a conventional, reasonable life for the longer hours and ongoing expenses of building a business. Me too!

Again, this morning, I awakened well before sunrise with questions: Why am I so determined to find the client the world needs to hear from this year? That part is significant; all the other business ownership stuff causes me to say, "Why don't I hire myself out to Readsy and help "whoever pops into my inbox" sound like themselves, only better?"


The answer came back almost immediately: "Judy, you have always been values-driven, weaving elements of spiritual alignment into your work for others, including the needs of The People and The Planet."


Of course, that's true. Thumbing through an old journal, I unearthed my ambition to be "more generative" in my ventures, sparking intensive research and reflection this morning.

I had questions, but it turns out the answers are for you, too!


Should Life-Work flow with freedom and spirit-awakening energy, or stay focused on business as usual?


In the margin of an old journal, I saw this question: "Is there a way for a values-centered entrepreneur to capture societal or market shifts and still experience and inspire spiritual evolution?"


Well… ask yourself these questions alongside me:

What are your values?

Whom do you admire or emulate, and do they embody those values?

How are your values reflected in your work or business?

Do you feel moved to share something of significance with a broader audience?

What do you still desire?



I admire visionaries like the Dalai Lama and Caroline Myss for their transcendent wisdom. Their teachings challenge me to "push beyond conventional boundaries, integrating my core values and visions into a generative business model that promotes  compassionate guidance, financial satisfaction, and spiritual growth." The Dalai Lama's emphasis on mindfulness and empathy reminds me that scrolling through current events, business news, and bank statements can cause me to lose sight of my deeper communal values. His call to look beyond the smallness of special interests inspires my holistic approach to life and business.

I nurture the business community to awaken their spirits and contribute their gifts to the world.


I still wrestle with identity, pathway, purpose, and potential impact, asking,

"What contribution to consciousness am I making in the world?" and

"What unique value can I bring to my client today that will ripple into the cosmos?"


Ah hah! So, I continue to guide and inspire values-driven entrepreneurs to share their stories, transcend traditional business structures, and write their books. We avoid duplicating existing models in favor of authentically pioneering new paths that energize and support a network of entrepreneurs as spiritually curious as they are business-savvy.


Business as Spiritual Evolution!


As we delve into the essence of merging soulful mentoring with the entrepreneurial drive to get a book into the marketplace, I invite fellow entrepreneurs to join me on this journey of self-discovery and innovative growth. The challenge is to redefine leadership, showing that profound change begins within and extends far beyond the confines of business as usual, edging ever closer to the freedom that drew us here!


By the way, I'm curious. What are your soul-level, wake-you-up-at-3 AM questions? What is calling you to contribute? What is it you believe you don't understand? What are your gifts? Have you taken the Writers Gift Quiz?