OPEN, definition: allowing access, passage, or a view through an empty space; not closed or blocked up.

OPEN STUDIO- The moment you access the virtual sanctuary you begin to feel the revitalizing effects of freedom and purpose; to write, focus, spark, shine, voice, and receive a touch of meaningful feedback!

Clearing and Commitment

Instead of "What Was," the invitation is to slip into what is becoming. With a few adjustments, you're off writing. Each 90-minute session includes an optional "project status update," perhaps a brief review of your intentions for the moment or the coming week (What's going on? What do you need? What would you like?)

Focus and Productivity

Open Studio means you work in the presence of other working writers. The accountability factor is present; there is a witness for your work which fosters productivity. SIDE-BENEFIT- In the eyes of "others" (spouses, children, co-workers), you look like you're working, so there is LESS INTERRUPTION while you write!

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Community Connection

Quiet, safe, supportive space, away from distractions to share your work and receive feedback (if you want!) Exchange "read-throughs" with each other, and you can save versions for review, etc in The Cove (Confidential Community Sharing Space away from Social Media.) The Group Energy lights up your brain!


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