You don't have to be a writer

to be the author of

a transformational book.




Readers are already searching for that book,

and only you can write it for them!




To get there step-by-step,

using your own

natural gifts

and skills


for details! 

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It was effortless, from zero ideas to handwritten pages and pages of content.

"I was surprised at how the words did flow! After the session today, I found something I am very much aligned with and know I have much more to write. Thank you, Judy. That was amazing and truly igniting!!"

Mikki Gaffen Stone, Human Design Coach- 

"Helping people understand how to use their unique human design to create a better daily life experience."


I'm finally finishing my book.

"Our Wednesday Group nourishes my creativity, and I'm finishing my book."

Aurora Suzanne Morse-"Trauma Healing Coach, online from San Diego."


Changing and Healing while writing!

"Each week, the flavor and colors of the world are changing and healing all the creatures of the world, just from writing in this group."

Daisy Ting Du-"Healing Guide at Starseeds, online from San Diego, CA"


 Not only for writing but for life.

"Thank you so much! I didn't have a lot of expectations, but the exercise you did today was great. Not only for writing but for life in general too. Plus, the writing group was enjoyable." 

Kimberly Amatore Hancher-"Style Blogger and Coach for women over 40."


You don't have to be a writer

Write your book no matter who you are
Or where you are now.

Explore the beginnings of your transformational book.

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