When Your Sleep Gets FUBAR

clever catalyst conscious creator pleasure-magnet sleep true-heart visioneer Oct 24, 2021

I've started pre-heating our dinner plates. Windows are closed.  A shower of leaves and twigs rained down in front of the windows last weekend, which means the gutters are clean (for now); I made a huge pot of bean and veggie soup, ladling it into jars labeled with family names. Sleep patterns are disturbed; conversations or writing in the middle of the night are followed by "oversleeping." All signs point to seasons change. 

If your sleep is elusive or excessive right now, don't worry! Sleep patterns are commonly interrupted around the times of the year when we move the clock forward or back.

On November 7th, most of the US adjusts clocks back an hour. Every year some of us voice complaints except, of course, "Zonies," who smugly remind me they don't mess with the fabric of time in their state.

Those who do business across the pond are extra grumpy as we get out of sync with Europe, the UK, etc., wherever you have clients.

Is irritability leaking into your day, are you annoyed by or annoying loved ones?

All of these reactions are made all the more painful by resisting what IS.


Today I offer some help to think of this shift as a gift;

  • Write down everything that's bugging you and dispose of it,

  • Create a Before Bed Blessing, Sleep Ceremony, or Relaxing Routine,

  • Brush your hair with 100 strokes!

  • Practice or refresh your practice of meditation,

  • Read some actual pages of a lovely novel encased between the covers of an actual book,

  • Hum a lullaby to yourself while you change your pillowcase, put fresh sheets and blankets on the bed,

  • Enjoy some aromatherapy oil and set an intention for lovely dreams,

  • Lay down, get comfy, and start counting your breaths backward from 100,


The good news is any of these practices pave the way for healthier sleep.

Is something REALLY bugging you, though? Perhaps you're consciously or unconsciously entertaining some ideas, ready to reveal a story, arriving at a long-detained truth.

Writing is a great way to capture the gold and flush the mold.


One thing is sure; when you're writing, you're healing and igniting your life.

Come write with us!