Are You SHOULDING all over your book?

begin your book finally finish your book writer's block writing Sep 18, 2022

Here's how to stop "shoulding"

and finish (or start) your book.

Even if you are only mildly curious about writing a book, you may have questions or concerns about the content, the uniqueness of your gifts, and what "style" you should use in your writing. Unfortunately, when you're stuck writing (or not writing) like you think you "should," nothing flows.

Right off the bat, I want you to know that your "style" is who you ARE, not what kind of expert coach, speaker, famous writer, or revered practitioner you should "sound like" when you write!

Coaches and Practitioners who've taken my quiz gained a more-refined understanding of their gifts and who they are. As a result, they stopped "shoulding," and the content of their books flowed unencumbered! It can work for you, too, because the more present you become, the more your "writer's voice" or "style" freely emerges from your words. 

How does it work?

Nestle deeper and deeper inside the layers of yourself as you write. Then, the more you write, the more a clear and confident voice emerges on the page because it knows that everything within you backs it up! Then, finally, your pen itself seems to be speaking holistically, expressing and reflecting all of who you are, no matter what you write. 

Try it right now.

Write something you're passionate about, straight from the heart for 7 minutes, and stop. Write like you're talking on paper. Read it out loud. Feel the heat!

Now, read a random paragraph from that book you stopped writing out of frustration. Were you trying to "be something other than who you are?"

Did you stop working on your book after continuously comparing yourself with other content creators in your field?

Then you owe it to yourself to find out how to allow your gifts to flow unhindered into written words. 

Please don't continue to dismiss yourself out of hand. Perhaps you already took my quiz but did you get your 6-day, bite-sized email guide, and free results session?


Retake the quiz, but this time say "yes" to the rest so you can start the flow! 

Oh, the places you will go! xxjudy