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Intuition for Business


DEEPEN THE POWER: People are often discouraged- and sometimes forced- to dismiss and ignore their gut instinct and lean into facts-based logic and reasoning. In the process, they disregard one of the most powerful resources we as humans have- the gift within them to "know."

How can we deepen the power of our intuition for work? You probably already are, but if not, I've researched and assembled a few tips for you:


Paying attention to your gut instinct requires acknowledging what you are hearing, sensing, and perceiving. We've all been in a conversation where we knew that the other party was lying. Even if we couldn't explain it, we knew. How about being able to say with certainty, "I feel like we should be pre-screening the snail mail more carefully." (From my experience weeks before people started getting Anthrax-laced packages in the mail!) or "______is going to happen…." or the feeling that something just isn't right. You might not be able to explain it or quantify it, but LISTENING is the first step.


Successful leaders trust intuition as much as intellect. "What women will do is take a leap of faith and listen to their intuition even when it doesn't measure up against logic, and that is powerful in business. Says Barbara Corcoran. "Trust your gut. It never lies. Don't second guess."


In the world of marketing, you'll often hear the word repetition. Marketing experts will tell you that the frequency of the message and the number of repetitions within the campaign will determine how quickly you see results. The same with billboarding discernment to make decisions. Trusting your gut is like working out. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes.


There may be times that you're not confident enough to make a decision based on your intuition alone. In those cases, write it down, document the details. Journal what you feel, sense, think, and know- time and date it. Then, chances are you'll be able to look back and see that you were right and just how right you were!


WORLD CHANGE CHALLENGE: Let us commit ourselves to the Validation of Intuition in Others! In our logical reason-based world, making gut decisions may not always be the most popular method of decision making. It may still go against the grain for some people, and there may indeed be judgments and prejudices. But I ask that when you notice your peers or clients completing a project based on a hunch or a gut feeling (hopefully you've taught them to "Trust & Check"), please celebrate their courage! Doing so will create an environment where a more intuitive working mode is valued rather than bullied or jeered at. 

VOW TO LEVERAGE THE POWER OF WHAT YOU "KNOW": Listen to your intuition even when it doesn't measure up against logic. Intuition is just as powerful in business and daily life as it is safely tucked inside your coaching practices. So take that quantum leap of faith! Be an Intuitive 10Xer! 

Most of us are intuitive in some way. I propose that we are intuitive in EVERY way!

E x p a n d  your intuitive gifts to help you make day-to-day decisions with ease!

FOR EXAMPLE: Do you put your intuition to work when writing, planning, expanding, and other business-build practices?

 YOU MIGHT HAVE A DISCONNECT: Do you robustly engage your intuition in your day-to-day work, like writing posts, blogs, or writing a book? Or do you ignore the feelings, the tingles, the inner-knowing, and fall back into old habits only to regret it? "Why didn't I listen?"

REMEMBER YOU BEING YOU? "My "inside voice" never lead me astray in my work with clients. I "See," and I just "Know."

SOCIETAL SUPPRESSION? Your magical gifts may have come naturally to you, but perhaps you had to hide them or fight or struggle to reach your current level of comfort or confidence.  Many of us grew up in a suppressive society. Perhaps even today, it is less comfortable to believe in your "gut feeling" when making choices or decisions for your work, writing, or business. "Is my intuition a gift or an active imagination?"

YOUR BRAIN ITSELF PROVIDES EVIDENCE! Dr. Barbara Corcoran writes, "What exactly is intuition? Intuition is the ability to collect and decode nonverbal cues in persons and the environment. Intuitiveness is referred to as many things: gut instinct, inner voice, God-voice, Espiritu Santos, discernment, or using the heart. With that said, biologically, the human brain provides a scientific explanation."

WE HAVE INNATE ABILITY: Most women will tell you that they have an innate ability to discern things and people around them: danger, safety, paramours, friends, lies, truth, ill will, and good intentions. It's a no-brainer for us. We know beyond knowing, see beyond seeing, and hear beyond hearing, in a lot of cases.

HOW TO EXPAND YOUR INTUITION: Learn to TRUST and CHECK so that you can gain traction over time. Soon you'll have plenty of evidence, and there will be treason to celebrate blog-ease or a ready-to-publish book!


Questions? Ideas? OMG, I'd love to hear from you about your experience with using your intuition! [email protected]


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