What If YOU are the Resource?

inspiration visioneer Oct 03, 2021

Do you feel it? The great urgency for our best and brightest to get their best and brightest into the world to be a resource for future generations? I started thinking, "What if we ARE the Resource?"

Do you ever stop to think about how your gifts fit into "what the world needs now? What makes you uniquely you? What else are you here to do by you being you? Perhaps you know and admire some people who've heard their Call and answered! What if YOU are the Resource? 

Sometimes that calling is ignored for years, deferred for one reason, then another.

What if no one were willing to show up, step up, and fulfill their sacred contract to contribute their genius? Unfortunately, the inspiration process gets stifled by mistaken or limiting beliefs and other peoples' judgments.


You would be amazed at the number of women I talk with who heard The Call, started writing a book, and then, for some reason, abandoned that dream. You can tell that these women are unique, heart-centered givers, but in a sense, have they not robbed the world of the transformation their book would deliver?  I never, for one second, think of them as thieves, but I am up uber-early every morning working on ways to help every one of them bring their gifts into the world!

 Does the "abandoned book syndrome" sound like someone you know, or maybe it's you?

Although perhaps you don't appreciate the possible repercussions of not having finished your book:

  • Not only have you denied your soul-contract and delayed your transformation, but then the unique vibration of your message fails to ripple out to your readers. So the ripples of transformation and healing have been denied them and their readers, as well.

  • Even today, potential readers are looking for the book that, in some sense, was promised by you.

  • Additionally, when their giving time comes, would you not want to be the one who uniquely prepared them to share their own story? The world needs them to fulfill their soul contract to make a difference, too. Are there ripples on your pond yet?


Do you agree that we need ripples of influence from writers who are ready and willing to show up, sit down, and serve the world with their gifts of wisdom, intuition, and imagination now and if there is a future?

If so, I encourage you to embrace your calling, passion, and hidden gifts, whatever they may be! We need you!


PS-- I believe the need is so great that I created a pathway system to help women like hi-vibe coaches, intuitive practitioners, and women's course creators finish your book and get it ready to publish.

Sound good? Start with The Writer's Gift Quiz. There are links to it all over my website. Or Google it! LOL, Mikki and Memory!