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group writing writer's block Jun 09, 2022

How to be a Fly on the Wall of a Private Writing Group or Bust a Writing Block

This week some of my writing groups started a piece of writing with three magic words: SHOWER, WISH, and HOOD. Three Magic Word stream-of-consciousness writing teaches you to let go and trust your magical inner-author.

I invite you to follow whatever comes into your mind (like you, "talking on paper) and write for 10-20 minutes. Include the three magic words above. Easy Win- Make me happy by sharing your raw, unedited piece with me! {On Facebook at, look for the meme with the 3 magic words you used} or email your piece to me at [email protected]

Here's my "talking on paper":


We all have spoken and unspoken wishes, don't we? So what are some of yours? 

I'm hearing everything from "one million dollars " to "a more peaceful and loving planet of people" to "the perfect mate." All of that sounds perfectly lovely and useful. Even the "million dollars" is possible.

But then I started thinking. What might I wish for that sounds perfectly useless or even horrible, like Meatloaf Ice Cream?  

OK, since I thought up this game, I'll play.

First, there's the classic- Cement tires and rubber roads! That's too useful, even possible these days.

How about this? Almost everybody uses Zoom for —meetings, family game nights, doctor visits, interviews, working from home, and poetry slams, etc. One useless wish I have is that we could MOVE HOUSE on Zoom! 

Imagine Morgan Freeman's voice on the recorded promo, "Zero boxes. No more mementos. Pajamas, OK; pants optional. So why not Zoom your move today?"

And then he whispers, "The password is, simplify."

More? OK!

How about fantasy kitchen hoods? I might like the front half of the hood of a '57 Ford. And I'd love a gutted piano as the hood over my stove in the kitchen! Quirky!

What about a useless-and-funny wish? Like what if lobsters or pineapple came with a naturally-occurring zipper? 

How do you suppose hummingbirds would react to mirrored sugarwater feeders? 

What if you could place a favorite book in your mailbox, and the mail carrier would know to deliver it to some random house, after leaving a new book for you?

How would you like one of those big warm-air blowers installed in the ceiling above your shower? (Wait! I Like this one!)

What if everything you write today becomes reality tomorrow?


{NOTE- I often use these stream-of-consciousness pieces as a resource for future stories, poems, posts, blogs, or a book!}



Now here are the raw pieces from some of the writers in my groups-


Thoughts That Go Through My Head {3 magic words: shower, wish, hood}

By Sally Hendrick

I ordered a bathing suit from It's so cheap because it comes straight from China. Sometimes it's real quick, but mostly it takes several weeks to arrive because they have to fill a shipping container before they'll send it.

Then it gets here and looks so terrible on me that I don't even worry with trying to send it back. I throw it in the Good Will pile by the front door.

The other day, I saw where Good Will only pays their disabled employees $3.00 per hour. There's some stupid law that says somebody with disabilities has to be poor enough to qualify for Medicaid. Otherwise, they get no healthcare. It's bad enough as it is to be disabled, but to make people qualify for healthcare by being impoverished is a crime against humanity.

And everybody wants to blame each other for all the problems in the world. This red versus blue thing is bullshit. I'm so sick of it. We all need to watch A Bug's Life again, to realize that if we can learn how to listen to each other, we'd find out how powerful we are together.

Neighborhoods must learn how to connect and crossover each other. We're slowly separating away from the nucleus. Pretty soon others will become unrecognizable, unfamiliar, and unsafe.

But we can stop it…if we stop and listen.

Maybe, just maybe the reason that oil companies are hoarding profits is because they are working behind the scenes to convert operations to green energy solutions. They know that telling people they can't drive gas cars anymore won't work. So they have to manipulate the scene and force change by pushing people farther than they're willing to go on their own.

We all need healthcare. We all need education. We all need jobs.

Small businesses need help raising wages to stay competitive, so they can serve the needs of local communities with special solutions. Not everything fits into the corporate cogwheel.

Sigh. I need to take a shower and not care for the rest of the day. I'll save a sliver of the world again tomorrow.


SAFE PARTICIPATION CHALLENGE: Set your timer for 10-20 minutes. Free-flow a piece of "talking on paper" stream-of-consciousness writing using those three words. {On Facebook at, look for the meme with the 3 magic words you used} or email your piece to me at [email protected]