So You Need to Write a Book

begin your book clever catalyst conscious creator pleasure-magnet true-heart visioneer Dec 01, 2023

What book "should" you write?

If you're a coach or an intuitive practitioner, there's a book in you. However, the longing to write your book induces stress if you don't yet know what to write, never mind "how to write it."
On top of that, you wonder whether anyone would buy it.

How long will it take?

Here's how to plan:
First, float a Test Balloon Idea with various people on social media and random chance meetings:

"I'm doing some research for a possible book about ___(their urgent need or want) _____ that would ___(provide this result)____. Could you see yourself interested enough in (this topic) to Google Search for a book (or for results, solutions, methods, etc.) like that? Drop an emoji in the comments if you'd rather talk instead of type, and I will make time in my schedule for a chat with you!"

Get Data, Not Discouragement!
Run that same idea through your client circles (You'll get different answers from people already familiar with you.) Make a Note of contrasting or similar responses!
FOLLOW UP with an email to people who say they would be interested in this type of book.

"Your thoughts, comments, or feedback are appreciated and will further my research. So, if you can make some time in your schedule, I would love to get your views!"

THE THIRD FOLLOW-UP email is a Thank You where you also ask:

"Would you like to be notified if I decide to write this book?" If yes, follow (this link), and I will put your name and email list for Notification!"


After 10 to 12 conversations, please review the results, highlight the standout comments, or plot them into a chart. You may already have a few "chapter titles" or topics right there!

What Next?

Use your Golden Data as a shot in the arm for clarity and confidence! You have created an idea factory, future readers, and 1 or 2 Top Fans who will be thrilled to have an honored place on your advanced publishing team.
Reach out. I mean it. Use my email address- [email protected]