Are You A Burned-Out or Brokenhearted Intuitive?

healing intuition true-heart visioneer Jan 14, 2023
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Intuitives like you are being called to bring more Wisdom, teaching, and healing into the world. However, you can feel drained, burned out, or brokenhearted by your efforts, especially if you are a sensitive, intuitive teacher or healing practitioner.

Inside my Free Authorship Guide, I offer some EASY, time and energy-saving ways to recharge and empower your gifts. Elemental Wisdom is one method (found on Day Three in Book Byte #3 of my free Authorship Guide.)

If you took the quiz and found out your Inner Author blueprint is True-Heart or Visioneer, you may already know that you have a natural affinity for alternative renewal resources, but any of us can access them!

To refresh your Soul-centered Empowerment, I suggest you take steps to bring your spiritual Wisdom and magical connections into alignment with your physical body.



Universal Sunlit Ether,

and Magic are just a few of these natural empowerment elements.

Let's explore the Universal Sunlit Ethers today. The Ethers are a resource you can use to fuel "creatuitive" energy and manifestation. The Ethers are infinite and readily available. day or night.

Never Heard of The Sunlit Ethers?

Think of The Ethers as the place where Universal Light connects with the resonant energy systems of your body.

[I do Sunlit Ether Meditation every morning. A great way to start the day!]


Take a few minutes to tune in to what you imagine are The Universal Sunlit Ethers.

In other words, see and feel Universal Light supercharging your energy field and your work according to inner guidance or desire.

No matter where you are or what you're working with, you can tune into The Ethers to nourish and inform your creative process.

What are you feeling called to do? Consciously connect with The Ethers first and notice what happens. [email feedback if you like, I'd LOVE IT! [email protected] ]

If you're a Visioneer or a True-Heart, I hope you'll try this easeful onboard Resource as an addition to your Energetic Medicine Bag!

Qualities of





and Universal Law offers solid themes and symbols you can use to fuel your books and stories, too!

Unfortunately, in days gone by, "certain people" may have suppressed or blocked these resources from your life. Today, however, we've opened a door previously closed.

I offer dozens of tools to nurture and support the Inner Author of a Visioneer or a True-Heart inside my Free Authorship Guide.

So how do you know if your Inner Author is a Visioneer, True-Heart, Conscious Creator, Pleasure Magnet, or Clever Catalyst?

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