Wondering how to a unleash that story or idea you've talked about for years? What if the answer is $10.00 and less embarrassing than a lingerie party?

What if writing is like "talking on paper?" It is! The only trick is to find out where you are, and decide where you want to go, then the pathway unfolds before you! Try my Online Writing Group and see Amazing Results!

-A group designed especially for retired women and empty-nester creatives whoĀ are curious to try a no-risk writing group.

-Writing in a Group Without Leaving Home.

-DiscoverĀ the key to greater productivity when you learn to trust your inner genius!

-Develop and improve your work quality.

-Benefit fromĀ the power of Ā writing in the same virtual room with other writers!

-Have fun writing with fabulous women!

-Know you will beĀ in a safe andĀ respectfulĀ onlineĀ group with an intuitive Online-writing Mentor!

-Learn a Revolutionary new way to find inspiration and create a piece of writing "on demand."

-Connect with your Inner Writer, and let your writing flow from Source and Your Source Energy!

Here's how to have fun writing in a no-pressure group made up of ladies (mostly), at all writing-skill levels:



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