What Won't You Give to Get Unblocked?

healing holiday-helper writer's block Nov 23, 2021
Week after week, working with intuitive coaches and women doing business online, I see you. Trying to write your book or create something but feeling blocked, frustrated, or empty instead. (Which sometimes shows up as "I don't know where to start.") Nine times out of 10, "the thing" in the way is not what you're expecting; I'll wager.
Wait for it.
Yes. I know.
You probably want to fling this thing across the room.
Expletives hang in the air like sulfur.
Rather than exploring an academic process or letting you believe something is lacking in your skills, I suggest that "unforgiveness" may be responsible for this "stuck energy."
What if the source of your "block" is that which you most do not want to forgive or that you believe "unforgivable?"
Sorry to be so blunt, but "If you are not going to face this now, when? The moment you die?"
I understand, though, which is why I offer this solution.
If you can't get to forgiveness, try shifting to compassion for that "unforgivable person, situation, or hideous betrayal." Validate the rough karmic pathway.
Shifting into compassion worked almost INSTANTLY for me. By "instantly," I mean I felt the block in my heart soften.
If you can't manage forgiveness, try to find compassion for that person; validate their rough karmic pathway.
Shifting into compassion worked almost INSTANTLY for me. By "instantly," I mean the block in my heart melted. The release was freedom! Energy started flowing in through the top of my head and out through my heart to "them." The burden lifted, and I smiled.
Are you curious as to what I mean, specifically?
A person repeatedly violated my trust. I was UNABLE to forgive "them," therefore serenity, freedom, creativity, a truly fulfilling life, all beyond my grasp. By allowing the story of that violation to stay stuck for years, my expressive, creative spirit was limited.
I shifted to compassion like this: "I'm sorry your life has not turned out the way you had hoped."

I felt an instant bit of spaciousness around my heart, followed by the desire to share this with you.

For many of us, a shit ton of "feels" come to the forefront toward the end of each year. Holidays, in particular, bring us right up against the beliefs we hold about enjoying ourselves and having a happy holiday.
"I don't deserve it."
Similar to creative blocks, don't you think?
"I'm not worthy. I have nothing to give. Who would want anything from me?"
I suggest you stop denying what you may have labeled as "woo woo" stuff and give this type of energy work an honest try. Besides, what have you done so far that works so great? Nothing?
Why are you still reading this, then? What have you got to lose? Some blocks?
I think soul-level compassion is a pretty small ask in exchange for happiness, creativity, fulfillment.


Say, "I forgive and release... (fill in the details) and then replace that space with the shine of you! 


Imagine the person is standing in front of you, and you're saying, "I'm sorry your life has not turned out the way you had hoped."
or- "I see your suffering."
or- "I hope you have learned what you came here to learn."
Are you willing to try this healing-for-freedom process? (Of course, it's up to you, it took me how many years to do?) Please email me if you try this work and if you wish, let me know what happens for you! You would be contributing to my research on "forgiveness" as a part of the writing or creative process.
PS- I bless anything of your conscious choosing. xx your friend judy