Everything You Need to Know You've Known Since You Were 2

inspiration Jan 03, 2022
Why Ask Why

Do you still wonder Why?

Remember your first case of The Whys? Childhood, right?

  • Why is everyone laughing but me?

  • Why do I have to look both ways before crossing the street?

  • Why is the milk pooling next to the over-turned pink plastic picnic glass on the table?

  • Why is mommy’s voice so loud and her face so mean?

  • Why do I feel scared of my dark closet at night?

  • But why are we being punished for watching cartoons?

  • Why do we pray not to “die before we wake?”

  • Why do I feel invisible in school?

  • Why do I have to follow the rules?

  • Why does it feel so good to be out on my own?

  • Why am I writing about “Why?”  

In writing, as in life, “Why?” is almost always a question that needs answering, even if the answer is, “Because that’s what I choose to do.” But “Why” wields real power for your writing and your life!


Answers to the question, “why?” range from practical to thought-provoking to ironic for the reader. Some examples:

-Have you ever wondered why it takes one kind of person to run for office successfully and a contrasting type of person to hold the office?

-Why is it in our nature to do the same thing over and over, even when the result is undesirable?

-Why are there so many accidents at this corner?


You feel you want to make a change, but can you say why?

You want to start or stop doing something. Why?

A person in the story chooses poorly. Why? There could well be a Portal of Gold waiting for you in the Land of Why!




Hopefully, one day we can see that with an open and curious mind, the question “Why?” is a way to learn to become good caretakers of our planet. The future of humanity makes “why?” a vital question to ask under any circumstance.

But let’s take this question into the day-to-day.

For example, are you thinking about quitting your job, starting a new life, perhaps making a change in your relationship with your spouse? Why? Are you mulling over whether to go live in another country? Why?  

“Why” is an excellent place to start almost anything. For example, “Why?” can illuminate whether or not to start a business or embark on a passion project. “Why this plan or idea, now?”

Why or why not write a book?

Why write in this genre vs. another?

Every day I coach new authors like you to create forward momentum in every aspect of your writing, creative, or marketing projects by staying in touch with your “Why?” 

If you didn’t stop and ask "why?" there is a good chance you’d pour thousands of words down rabbit holes that won’t provide value or the desired result. 

Instead, I suggest you train yourself to ask “why?” about almost everything you do. You’ll waste less time, make fewer costly mistakes and enjoy the richness of your productivity.


As an author, the more you ask why, the less separation you have from yourself, and the more power you acquire to write what you want to write. You’ll start to notice what works for you and what doesn’t. 

Drop me an email with your “whys,” and I’ll share my PRO TIP and my engineer-spouse theory of The Five Whys.


Have you ever thought of using “why” to help cleanse an idea in the waters of truth? “Why?” opens pathways, reveals possibilities, prevents problems, and reveals solutions.

What if “why?” could help you increase the vivid abundance of your work? What might it be like to include a little more “why?” in daily life, as well?

“Why?” is the first of many questions we ask on the journey of life, but hopefully, 

not at the end!